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Elite:Dangerous – Upgrading & Exploring

After the first few jumps and earning some money by charting out solar systems, I returned to one of the space stations for some upgrades to my ship. There was a tough decision to make: my money would buy me … Continue reading

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Elite:Dangerous – Solar System Exploration

After having played around for a bit following my last post on Elite:Dangerous, I finally decided to “reset my commander” and start from scratch. And one of the things I wanted to show you today is how to explore a … Continue reading

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Elite:Dangerous – A new Life 3300 A.D.

In my previous post, I wrote about another classic computer game reborn: Elite. By the time I wrote the last entry, the final version of Elite:Dangerous was not yet available – but now it is. So time to catch up. … Continue reading

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Another Classic Computer Game as been re-born: Elite Dangerous

Many years ago, in the mid 1980s, a computer game challenged the imagination of boys like myself: Elite. In its time, almost 30 years back, the original Elite introduced many concepts new to the world of the still young home … Continue reading

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