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Another Classic Computer Game as been re-born: Elite Dangerous

Many years ago, in the mid 1980s, a computer game challenged the imagination of boys like myself: Elite. In its time, almost 30 years back, the original Elite introduced many concepts new to the world of the still young home … Continue reading

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Astronomy on your own Computer – where it all began

Sometimes, you just need luck. For quite a while now, I have been looking for an old computer program called Skyplot. Next to some very cold nights out under a clear Bavarian sky back in 1985, this is probably what … Continue reading

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ZX81 – The Oregon Trail

Although the ZX81 was not much of a computer and any game or program it was capable of running looks primitive today, some just kept their place in history – The Oregon Trail was one of these items (maybe because … Continue reading

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ZX81 – Code from the past, coding with the tools of today

Some time back, I posted an article on the ZX81 Computer I got off eBay and how coding of old listing was done way back when. Now, that last article was dealing with a listing retrieved from an old CHIP … Continue reading

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26 Years ago – Writing a Computer Program in 1985

Way back last year I wrote about having aquired a Sinclar ZX 81 home computer on eBay. Back then, I had problems hooking the old veteran up to my modern TV – and I still have. I have – again … Continue reading

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