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An 18-Month Journey into Astrophotography

By now, it has been 18 months since Covid-19 brought me back into Amateur Astronomy and Astrophotography. Time to recap a little bit and go back to the first sessions taken from my backyard. I have kept all “not completely … Continue reading

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A new Game on the Horizon

I have been playing computer games for almost all my live – the first ones in the early 1980s in an Amstrad / Schneider CPC464 computer. And once in a while, a game comes along that is different. One such … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi & WLAN

When working with the Nikon D90 last night, and using my Raspberry Pi as the time-lapse controller, one thing I was dearly missing was SSH Access to the Raspberry Pi on my balcony… but the WLAN Stick that I had … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Time-Lapse with Nikon D90

I have already¬†shown you how to turn a Raspberry Pi with an attached Camera Module into a time-lapse camera. While that was easy and worked well, there is one thing that it cannot overcome: the limitations of the camera itself. … Continue reading

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Adding Custom .NFO Files to Kodi Media Center

In a previous post, I have written about my problems with my Kodi installation, how to get Kodi installed on Ubuntu and how to identify issues with the environment. One of the outcomes was that I should consider creating custom … Continue reading

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