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Adding Access Control to the Blog

By nature, a blog is supposed to be accessible! After all, you – as the Blogger – want people to be able to access the blog, preferably without putting up any more hurdles than knowing the blog URL. Well, at … Continue reading

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Adding the “Visitor Maps & Who’s Online” Plugin to WordPress

Just a quick note since I have now done that on three servers. All three of them had no issue using the automated installation routine for the plug-in but one failed in the installation of the GeoLiteCity Maps and just … Continue reading

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Upgrading WordPress 2.x to 3.0.1

I thought, this would have been easy – after all, Workpress 2.x was working without issues and the upgrade process seemed rather straight forward. I found a couple of useful sites that described it in detail: Upgrading WordPress Extended WordPress … Continue reading

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