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Returning to FSX – From Shoreham to Campbeltown

After my “maiden flight” returning to FSX, a flight which took me from Bonn-Hangelar to Shoreham in the UK, this next morning my Cessna awaits me at the GA Parking Area in Shoreham (EGKA). The target destination is Campbeltown at … Continue reading

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Returning to Flight Simulation

I have been away from one of my hobbies for about a year or two now – but the recent sale of Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition made me rethink this and get back into it (at least at a … Continue reading

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Preparing a Raspberry Pi as Time-Lapse Camera

Two days ago, I got myself a GoPro Hero action cam – just because it was down to 139€ at the local market. The camera has a time-lapse feature but this beginner’s version of the cam (which I knew is … Continue reading

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Verifying the Build – LEGO Classic Space Next Century

A little while ago, I wrote about building a Classic-Space-style LEGO MOC from scratch, a sort of homage to LEGO Set #6970. Two main thoughts had been driving the idea: I wanted it to become more “realistic” and I wanted … Continue reading

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Elite:Dangerous – Upgrading & Exploring

After the first few jumps and earning some money by charting out solar systems, I returned to one of the space stations for some upgrades to my ship. There was a tough decision to make: my money would buy me … Continue reading

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