World of Warcraft: All Good Things…

…need to come to an end. In my case, this is my World of Warcraft career. I started playing quite a while ago, in 2008 – yet long after the game has appeared and my wife had started to play. Back then, I was more or less curious – I never expected to play that long.

Tonight, the game tells me I have been playing my main character – Dragast, the Warlock – for 61 days, 15 hours and 39 Minutes. – just shy of 1500 hours. I had fun – no question – but if I look at my other characters, this is what I see:

  • Aurarius – a Level 85 Hunter – is at 10 Days and 8 hours,
  • Nauriumus – a Level 82 Druid – is at 5 Days and 13 hours,
  • Subrepticia – a Level 39 Rouge – is at 1 Day and 2 hours,
  • Caelanigra – a Level 11 Mage – is at 2 Days & 19 hours,
  • Doorman – a Level 30 Warrior – is at 2 Days & 19 hours

I can easily add up to 2020 Hours game time – little compared to some hardcore gamers – yet a lot of time – almost a quarter of a year – since August 2008. And I spent about 625€ in game subscriptions. Plus, of course, another 100€ or so for the game itself (and two add-on’s)… but let’s go back in time three and a half years…

So it is time to move on – but not without a little homage to these days – sometimes, it was frustrating, sometimes it was boring but also many times it was fun. So let me take you on a small tour through Dragast’s world. Let’s explore the places Dragast has explored over the past years and then let’s quit that account for good.

All posts around this last tour can be found under the World of Warcraft category in this blog. Let’s start where every human character in WoW starts: in Elywnn Forest.

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