First Issues

After having operated the Windows Home Server for about a week, the client PC pointed me to a potential problem this morning (via the Home Server Management Console): it turned out this believe that one of the files could not be duplicated properly and assumed an error. Checking the remote console, two services did not start up properly, including the Volume Shadow Copy service… no wonder, the system had issues keeping data in sync. So I decided to first try the old rule of “If it does not work, reboot it…”

After the reboot, I checked the services and event log – all seemed fine. So one has to remember: a Windows Server is still Windows 🙂 – although I have to admit that it properly reported the issue (the LED on the WHS showed a red status as well, pointing the user to stop and take a look).

Just for a comment: the server was quite busy on the CPU after the reboot – I would assume it now started checking its data directories for any outstanding synchronization or errors…

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