Finalizing the Eee PC Installation

After the base installation, the system requires a couple of additional applications – here is the install list:

  • Anti-Virus Software: of course, the most important thing to go on the system after the initial installation.
  • Windows Home Server Connector Software: to include the system in the WHS environment (again)
  • TrueCrypt: to allow for data encryption
  • Using the Google Updater, the following software is installed: Adobe Reader, Firefox, Google Earth, Picasa and Skype.
  • DivX for the movies – I just need the player from the package.
  • iTunes to help with the iPhone
  • MS Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

That – basically – is the minimum stuff I need on the Eee PC to allow for daily work, eMail, Internet and some Music and Video while travelling…

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