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Planning Astro-Photography Sessions

After weeks and weeks of clouds, I do have some clear nights in the forecast – time to do some planning and also explaining how the planning is done. Weather Weather is an important part of the planning – no … Continue reading

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Arduino & BME/BMP280 Environmental Sensor

For a bunch of projects, I am envisioning the use of the BME/BMP280 Environmental Sensor. After having received a bunch from AZ Delivery, I hooked them up to an Arduino Nano – and failed. So just to make sure that … Continue reading

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Skywatcher Evostar 72ED & ZWO EAF

Ever since I started taking images of the nightly skies, one of my biggest issues was “focus”. Not the focus on the topic itself but literally getting the stars into perfect focus. One of the difficulties was buried in my … Continue reading

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Flight Simulator 2020 & Real World VFR

Microsoft has just released the latest version of Flight Simulator – after an absence from the market for about a decade. And although there is a lot of frustration and a general feeling “the product has been released too early” … Continue reading

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Flight Simulator 2020 – Back in the Skies

About ten years ago, I wrote a blog post about Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX and an Add-On called “ChicagoX”. The old post can be found here. A little while afterwards, I had been giving up flight simulation, mostly because Microsoft … Continue reading

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