World of Warcraft: Duskwood

To the south of Elwynn Forest and north of Stranglethorn Vale lies Duskwood – a dark an sinister forest area.

Covered with mostly dark and dense forests and constantly under a cover of fog and mist, Duskwood holds only one settlement that holds up human presence here – Darkshire.

Young Dragast had been entering the area coming from Redridge Mountains – he could have equally come from Westfall as both areas border on Duskwood. Entering the forest, the road winds along the river for the first few meters, then turns inland.

The banks of the river are infested with wolves and giant spiders – all of whom only have one idea for the traveler: to eat him. Well – I guess, Dragast had his own feasts of grilled spider legs and wolf sirloin.

Following the road to Duskwood, the area becomes darker and darker until the first signs of another kind of creature in Duskwood shows up. Manor Mistmantle is a deserted farm now controlled by the Undead – of which Dragast will find plenty more of when getting deeper into Duskwood. Eventually, Duskwood did hold a quest that made Dragast return here during his adventures – but it is not an easy area to deal with – or at least it was not back then.

The road to Duskwood is heavily patroled by The Nightwatch – at least a small encouragement along the way (not that they will be of any help if you are in trouble, of course…)

Moving along, Dragast finally arrived in Duskwood – just to find out that the dark and underworldly feeling did not stop at the gates of the town.

Unless things are going to change in some future add-on maybe, Duskwood will always remain a dark and non-desirable place to be in – at least for those of us that cherish the light.

The brave people of Duskwood are trying their best to fight the darkness that surrounds them – sometimes successfully, sometimes in vain.

The leader of the Night Watch, Commander Althea Ebonlocke, is one of the main quest givers in town, together with

Other quest givers are the mayor of Duskwood, Lord Ello Ebonlocke and Tobias Mistmantle, the brother of Stalvan Mistmantle (who, as an undead, is controlling Manor Mistmantle today).

Many of the quests take you to the places of the Undead around Duskwood – Cemeteries and other homes of the rotting.

Some of them are friendly, most of them are hostile and Dragast had quite a few spells exchanged with them. One of the more friendly ones is Blind Mary, roaming her house near Tranquil Garden Cemetery for all eternity.

Dragast has also been seeing the other attractions in Duskwood – The Rotting Orchard, The Yorgen Farmstad and Addle’s Stead. What Dragast never has seen is the Rain Instance starting in the Twighlight Cove (I started playing when this one was already considered “old”).

The final place to (not) be in in Duskwood is Raven Hill and it’s Cemetery (but you won’t get around it as there are plenty of quests that you need for the experience to grow your character).

Raven Hill, close to the border of Westfall, and its Cemetery are one of the last places in Duskwood to go for adventure – the enemies are plenty and high-level.

As I said, I could not keep Dragast out of the Cemetery – his is a curios and mean bastard and just had to go after the Undead.

Special is a guy named Mor’Ladin – a 25+ Elite NPC roaming the grounds of the graveyard. Mor’Ladim is one of the many sad stories in World of Warcraft that bring misery and grief to those that bother to follow the story closely: Mor’Ladim, in life Morgan Ladimore. Morgan – bearer of the Sword Archeus – committed a terrible sin in lifetime – a sin for which he felt so bad that he was not able to die until someone relieves him. Therefore, he is condemned to roam the cemetery until some hero will finally free him.

You can also find his grave just outside of the cemetery – a lone, weathered cross marking the place at Position 17,28 (Forlorn Rowe).

Let’s face it: on request of Morgan’s daughter Sarah, Dragast (like many others, I guess) has freed Morgan of the curse by putting him to rest at some time. Yet it is one of these stories that stick and attach players to the world closely.

Last on the way out of Duskwood is Vul’Gol Ogre Mound – a small valley full of big Ogres and good for some more action before Dragast advanced into Stranglethorn Vale.

And that was it for Duskwood – I honestly can say that questing there has not been Dragast’s favorite thing to do – man, was he happy to see the small wooden bridge that allowed him to leave the dark forest and exchange it for the jungle sights of Stranglethorn – brighter but also more dangerous…

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