World of Warcraft: Ironforge

Looking at the map of the Eastern Kingdoms, it becomes obvious that Dragast needs a way out of the southern parts that is not by “regular travel”. So far, Dragast has seen Elwynn Forest (for Levels 1 – 10), Westfall (up to Level 15), Redridge Mountains (up to Level 20), Duskwood (up to Level 25) and Stranglethorn Vale (up to Level 35).

The bordering northern territory of the Burning Steppes, unfortunately, is for characters of Level 49 upwards… a bit too much for Dragast at this point. One way out, as mentioned before, is taking the ship from Booty Bay. The other way out is taking the subway from Stormwind to Ironforge 🙂

The Stormwind – Ironforge Subway, called Deeprun Tram, connects the two alliance cities thanks to the engineering skills of the gnomes.

It is one of the fastest connections in World of Warcraft that is not (like the ship connections) disrupted by a loading screen. You can even walk the twin-tunnel system if you want to – takes about 6 minutes (Dragast has done it once)… one way of enjoying a scenic trip as soon as the underground tracks turn into underwater tracks in the middle of the trip.

You may find a few friendly characters down there – in the (inaccessible) water body the tram is running through, a Deeptram Diver does his eternal explorations, Nessy (a large creature of unknown kind) roams freely… some Naga sirens are luring around… and there are also some Basking Sharks supposed to roam the waters (although I could not see any).

When Dragast finally arrived in Ironforge for the first time, the dislike of the area was immediate. Yes, it is an Alliance Capital but the dark and underground setting is nothing that I really enjoyed.

Ironforge is setup in quarters – there is the Military Ward, the Common Quarter, the Mystic Ward, the Hall of the Explorers and in between smaller places such as TinkerTown and the Forlorn Cavern. It all centers around the Great Forge.

The Hall of the Explorers centers around the Library – here, the gathered knowledge of the Explorer League is assembled – and a few quests are awaiting the explorer.

Other than that, the Hall of the Explorers is not so much of an interesting place.

Adjacent to the north is The Forlorn Cavern, a dark and shady place with a small body of water – the only place you can actually do some fishing in Ironforge.

Here, the darker business have their place – weapon merchants, warlock trainers and demon trainers and some other shady merchantmen.

Passing through the Forlorn Cavern, the next quarter of Ironforge is the Mystic Ward.

Here, in the Hall of Mysteries, is where you will find the Mage trainers, the Paladin trainers, and the Portal trainer. Priests will also see to their training here.

Finally, there is a portal to the Blasted Lands here to make traveling into the next world a bit easier.

The Commons is the second to last quarter to pass through. The Commons holds the Ironforge Visitor Center, access to the Gates of Ironforge, Auction House and Bank and other general facilities.

No matter what profession you have and no matter who you are – you will pass through here at least once in your career. Dragast did – and I think most other characters did as well. Now, only one quarter is left on the outer ring of Ironforge: the Military Ward.

The main building in the Military Ward is the Hall of Arms – accompanied by several stores for hunters and warriors.

In the Hall of Arms, you will find an impressive display of dwarf weaponry and the Battle Masters, assembled on the first floor and overlooking a strategic map of Dun Morogh.

Ever traveler coming to Ironforge by Gryphon will land in the Great Forge – here is the flight master’s location.

Around the outer edges of the great cavern forming the Forge, several shops and supply stores are located. And impressive display of liquid metal is streaming into the Forge, blacksmiths and other metal worker are heavily performing their duties.

The center of it all is the platform holding the Great Anvil of Ironforge, the center of the dwarf culture.

The Great Forge also holds access to the High Court – the dwarf’s governmental palace. Here, the three leading dwarfs are holding court: Muradin Bronzebeard, Falstad Wildhammer and Moira Thaurissan.

Pass through The Commons again, Dragast has been leaving Ironforge through the Gates to explore the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms.

The passageway out to Dun Morogh is awaiting the traveler with a giant dwarf statue – somewhat of a contradiction in itself…. a giant dwarf?!?

Stepping through the passageway out into the open greeted Dragast with blue skies and a cold and snowy world. Dun Morogh is a cold and winterly place, only paralleled by Winterspring in Kalimdor.

The picture above is taken long after Dragast came to Dun Morogh for the first time – back then, he was hardly able to ride, flying in Kalimdor was not even a possibility back then. And as such, this great view of Ironforge built into the mountain itself has been hidden from all players but those passing through on Gryphons.

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