World of Warcraft: The Western Plaguelands

Having done all (or all necessary) the Hillsbrad Foothills zone has to offer, Dragast had now reached a level of around 40 or so. The next zone up is The Western Plaguelands in the north of Foothills.

Dragast had been coming from the south, battled his way through the Alterac region and arrived in Chillwind Camp safely (and more or less without loosing too many lifes along the way).

Like so many other areas, the Western Plaguelands did see some significant changes in teh Cataclysm Add-On.But while zones like Hillsbrad Foothills have changed to the worse, the Plaguelands actually improved: the Alliance is making progress in regaining lost territories.

The area around Uther’s Tomb, situated just east of Chillwind Camp, gad been a dark an sinister cemetery area in the past, haunted by the lost souls of the dead. Now, restauration is in effect and even those souls that remain have turned a friendly eye on the passing traveler.

I very well remember the endless fights with the souls of the dead in the old days – Dragast had to make for quite a few escape runs here.

The ruined city of Andorhal is still a battleground, but even here the advance of the Alliance troops is visible – things are improving. Fighting is still going on, the Undead are holding their grounds and the brave defenders of Andorhal as still taking massive losses. But soon, the battle will be over here as well. For the time being, the fighting character just needs to be careful to not attract too many opponents at the same time – with caution, experience and quest rewards can be farmed pretty easily within the city.

Having cleared the smoke and fires of Andorhal, the newly returned life shows all around.

The Felstone Field farmstead is in full blossom again, workers on teh fields and the windmill operating. This had been different in the past when the field was taken by the Scourge ad a large cauldron placed in its mid was spraying dead and decay.

But the Scourge is gone – defeated and thrown back and it is time for humanity to reclaim what once was lost.

A bit further to the east, the same change can be seen on the Dalson’s Farm: although currently deserted, plants are freshly growing on the fields and the houses have been restored to their old beauty.

Just on the edge of the farm sits a neutral questing place, The Menders’ Stead. It is these days offering a Flight Master and a variety of quests linked to the Cenarion Circle.

The two other farmsteads, The Writhing Haunt and Garron’s Withering, have not yet been liberated – one is deserted (or almost), the other one is still under control of the Scourge.

Leaving the Menders’ Stead towards the north, trying to approach Hearthglen will take you into Gnoll country these days – and the bastards are even sitting on the roads… so you need to watch out a bit. The lads a all around level 36 upwards…

The other possibility is to keep west of the road and walk up the meadows to the Northridge Lumber Camp. There are still some Gnolls roaming the valley but it will also bring you to a set of quests around the lumber camp. And don’t fear the spiders – they are neutral…

Finally, in the northern section of the zone you will find Hearthglen, controlled by the Argent Crusade these days. When I took Dragast there, he was way up beyond the quests levels but I had some other characters questing here and I have to admit: I did not really enjoy the quests.

Personal taste but I always tried to move on as quickly as possible.

Last to be mentioned, the zone also holds the dungeon of Scholomance – one of the classic dungeons Dragast never really spent much time in because his rise was after when the Burning Crusade came to its end and the Lich King was about to appear (meaning: my guild had the grace of leveling me without me having to go through the trenches)

In the east, a bridge over the Thondroril River marks the exit into the next zone, the Eastern Plaguelands.

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