Migrating iTunes & Video Data

Well, there is plenty of that on our WHS now – I already covered the migration from the NAS to the WHS so that’s histroy. But how about re-recognizing the data on the client boxes? To be honest, I did not have the slightest worries about that one, because I did migrate the directory structure 1:1 from the NAS and used a Mapped Drive on the clients all the time anyway. So all it took for the migration of iTunes was to remap the client’s drive to the new storage location (keeping the drive letter because that is what iTunes refers to).

One future project could be looking into solutions like Firefly Media Server but that is for later. One thing that additionally worked without me doing anything is the streaming media option: my Windows clients now recognize the WHS and offer it as streaming source in Windows Media Player…neat!

Eventually, I decided to copy over some of the video data to make that available for streaming as well…

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