Time for a Storage Extension

Let’s face it: once you start having a home server, you start putting data on it, simply because it is so conveniant. In my case, that means to bring a lot of data from various external disks plus those things archived on DVD back “online” – which usually starts eating up the storage space on your server quite quickly. From the intial 2 Terrabyte (2TB! 2048 GB! 2.097.152 MB! 2.147.483.648 KB!) a little bit over 50% was gone. Plus: there is data that I wish to duplicate but have not done yet, simply because it would be eating up space even more…

Time for a pitstop at the local computer dealer of my trust 🙂 – invest 5 minutes and 80€ to walk out with another WD 1TB Green Power harddisk… to try the following:

  1. Server is in standby, new disk is mounted in its (plastic) tray – looks pretty un-solid but seems to do the job. No screws, no nothing…
  2. Put the tray back into the home server and start it up. Two disks come on with blue LEDs on, the new one is pink.
  3. Fire up the Home Server Console and check the server storage page: the new disk is listes as “non-assigned storage disk”.
  4. Select the new disk and click Add – a wizard pops up… only two options: Add to storage space or Add as backup drive. We already had that one with the external USB Backup Device – this time, its gonna be Add to Storage Space.
  5. Confirm that – “You sure you want to format that disk?” – Yeah, man! And let the formatting begin… 30 seconds later: Server now got 3TB of storage space…

That was easy… almost too easy to be true 😉 – where are those times where a server administrator had that magical or almost sacred aura?

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