Adding the “Visitor Maps & Who’s Online” Plugin to WordPress

Just a quick note since I have now done that on three servers. All three of them had no issue using the automated installation routine for the plug-in but one failed in the installation of the GeoLiteCity Maps and just never came back… resulting in a PHP-Error when you tried to access the root of the Blog.

It quickly turned out that for some reason and only on that server the downloaded GeoLiteCity.dat.gz archive could not properly be unpacked – it left a large (but corrupted) GeoLiteCity.dat file in the actual plug-in directory which failed the plug-in to start (and with it the entire Blog).


  1. Download the GeoLiteCity.dat.gz file from your site using FTP.
  2. Unpack the archive with a matching application (e.g. WinRar on a Windows Platform or anything that can handle gz-archives).
  3. Upload the resulting GeoLiteCity.dat file back into the plug-in directory (where you have found the gz-Archive).
  4. Delete the archive if space is an issue
  5. See if the Blog is now back operating
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