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An 18-Month Journey into Astrophotography

By now, it has been 18 months since Covid-19 brought me back into Amateur Astronomy and Astrophotography. Time to recap a little bit and go back to the first sessions taken from my backyard. I have kept all “not completely … Continue reading

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Skywatcher Evostar 72ED & ZWO EAF

Ever since I started taking images of the nightly skies, one of my biggest issues was “focus”. Not the focus on the topic itself but literally getting the stars into perfect focus. One of the difficulties was buried in my … Continue reading

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Using ISO Settings for Astrophotography

In the old days of physical films, the ISO Value indicated the film’s sensitivity. And ISO 100 film was the standard for daylight photos, ISO 400 was considered superior in terms of sensitivity and 1600 ISO was about as much … Continue reading

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